BaF2 – Barium Fluoride

In addition to its use as an UV-Vis-IR optical material, Barium Fluoride’s properties make it ideal for scintillation. BaF2 is utilized widely in high energy physics, nuclear physics and nuclear medical instrumentation.

A fast scintillator, Barium Fluoride’s luminescence intensity is independent of its temperature, with a faster emission from 180nm to 240nm and a slower emission at 310nm.

Excellent radiation hardness is exhibited up to 105 rad, making it useful in nuclear detection with high counting rates and high radiation.

Transmission range (μm) 0.15~12.5
Transmittance >90% (0.35~9μm,3mm)
Refractivity (2.58μm) 1.4626
Reflection Loss at 2.58μm 6.8% (both faces)
Radiation length (cm) 2.06
Emission peak (nm) 310 (slow); 220 (fast)
Decay constant (ns) 620 (slow); 0.6 (fast)
Light output [NaI(TI)=100%] 20% (slow); 4% (fast)
Knoop hardness (kg/mm2) 82 with 500g indenter
Solubility at 23°C (g/100gH2O) 0.17
Cleavage plane <111>
Density (g/cm³) 4.89
Melting point (°C) 1280