Ce:YAG – Cerium Doped YAG Crystal

YAG and YAP material offer well-known and used, durable properties for fast scintillation and chemical resistivity.

Material can be worked to thin wafers and screens, as well as standard scintillator dimensions and specifications, with optical clarity and properties expected from YAG and YAP.

Ce:YAG is utilised in applications such as x-ray and beta counting and electron/x-ray imaging.

Crystal structure M3
Crystal orientation <111>
Unit cell constant a=12.01Å
Density 4.56(g/cm³)
Hardness 8.5 (mohs)
Melt point 1970ºC
Thermal expansion 7.8 x 10-⁶ /ºC
Size(mm) 25×25×0.5mm,10×10×0.5mm,10×5×0.5mm,5×5×0.5mm
Special size and orientation are available upon request
Surface rough Surface roughness(Ra):<=5A
Polishing Single or double
Decay Time 70ns
Max. Wavelength of Emission 550nm
LO 8 Photon per KeV