Ytterbium - Doped : Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Laser Crystals

Yb:YAG shows great promise as a high power laser material. Several applications are being developed in the field of industrial lasers, such as metal cutting and welding. With high quality Yb:YAG now available, additional fields and applications are being explored.

Yb:YAG's advantage is a wide pump band and an excellent emission cross section. It is ideal for diode pumping. The broad absorption band enables Yb:YAG to maintain uninterrupted pump efficiency across the typical thermal shift of diode output. High efficiency means a relatively small dimension Yb:YAG laser crystal will produce high power output. Based on the YAG host crystal, Yb:YAG can be quickly integrated into the laser design process. This combination of properties enables straightforward elegant laser designs, and allows high powered lasers to be manufactured more easily ; Yb:YAG. Laser designers can apply their depth of experience.

We offer excellent quality Yb:YAG laser crystals as both rods and discs that meet your exact specifications. Our experienced staff, can work with you to bring out the superior performance of your high power 1 micron output laser system.


  • With a wide pump band and excellent emission cross-section Yb:YAG is an ideal crystal for diode pumping.
  • High Output Power 1.029 1mm
  • Laser Material for Diode Pumping
  • Materials Processing, Welding and Cutting

Optical and Laser Properties

Laser Action 3 Level Laser Emission Cross-section Σ = 2.1 x 10-20 cm2 (± 10%)
Emission Lifetime 951 µsec Refractive Index 1.8 at 632 nm
Absorption Bands 930 nm to 945 nm Chemical Formula Y3Al5O12:Yb (0.1% to 15% Yb)
Output Wavelength 1.029 µm

Yb:YAG Laser Rod Standard Fabrication Specifications

Feature Standard Special Order
Crystal Orientation <111> within 5° Available
Diameter 3 mm to 10mm Available
Daimeter Tolerance +0.0 mm/- 0.05 mm Available
Length (plano/plano) 30 mm to 150 mm Available
Length Tolerance ± 0.75 mm ± 0.50 mm
Perpendiculairity of End Faces (plano/plano) 5 arc-minutes 2 arc-minutes
Parallelism of End Faces (plano/plano) 10 arc-seconds
Flatness 0.1 wave maximum 0.10 wave maximum
(plano/plano) over 90% of aperture over full aperture
Surface Finish at 5X 20-10 (scratch & dig) 10-5 (scratch & dig)
Barrel Finish 400 grit Polished approx. 80-50
End Face Bevel 0.075 mm to 0.12 mm at 45° angle
Chips No chips allowed on end face of rod; chip having maximum length of 0.3 mm permitted to lie in the area of bevel and barrel surfaces.
End Configurations plano/plano, plano/wedge, wedge/wedge or Brewster cut.  Plano ends can be finished flat, concave or convex
Coatings Standard coating is AR at 1.029 µm with R<0.25% each face. Other coatings available.