Sapphire Ingots

Sapphire ingotWhilst we supply fully fabricated sapphire wafers to exacting high specifications, we also recognise the semi-finished and ingot markets. For these markets we present ingots in the three most popular diameters of 50.9mm (2"), 100.1mm (4") and 150mm (6") with the following specifications:

A-plane: ±0.2°
Orientation: (C-A) ±0.1° / (C-M) ±0.1°
Diameter: 50.9mm ±0.5mm, 100.1mm ±0.5mm, 150.00mm ±0.5mm
Primary flat length: 16.0 ±0.5mm, 30.0 ±0.5mm and 47.5 ±0.5mm
Length: 40mm to 180mm
Exclusion area: <10%
Circularity: <0.02mm
Surface roughness: fine ground
Purity: 99.999%
Edge chips: None in effective length
Visual inspection: No defects in effective length as viewed under high intensity diffused light.