Specialist Sapphire

In addition to our standard Sapphire material and components, Roditi's capabilities extend to specialist Sapphire pieces.

The increased use of sapphire, not only for optical uses, has led to increased capabilities with its machining and final product dimensions.

  • Domes

    Optically clear sapphire domes offer high pressure resistance with wide field of view, in addition to the scratch and thermal resistance that standard sapphire provides.

    Sapphire domes are used in missiles where they offer high transmission whilst protecting the forward facing sensor systems and in ROVs/UAVs where the wide field of view and pressure resistance offered by sapphire domes are ideal.

  • Crucibles

    The chemically inert nature of sapphire makes it the preferred material for crucibles, above other alumina materials, for thermal testing and metal casting.

  • Custom Sapphire

    Sapphire's many superior physical proporties make it preferable for many applications beyond the standard components listed.

For more infomation on our sapphire capabilites, or to dicsuss a custom requirement, please contact us directly with your requirements.