Laser Crystals

Nd:YAG laser crystalsRoditi International is the leading distributor of laser crystals in Europe, with our customers manufacturing lasers for a wide variety of applications from heavy industry through to medicine and academic research.

As the exclusive distributor for carefully selected suppliers, we supply a wide range of laser crystals including:

Our customers are of course laser experts but, when additional technical or applications support is required, we can call on many years of experience to assist them.

Our range of laser crystals is complemented by our range of high power laser diodes, electro-optic and non-linear crystals. More details can be found on our home page.

For medical solid state lasers we provide a full range of sizes, shapes, and quantities of ruby laser crystals, Er:YAG and CTH:YAG to meet the precise specifications of the medical laser manufacturer. Ruby lasers are used for cosmetic dermatology to remove unwanted hair, tattoos, portwine stains and similar skin blemishes. The advantage ruby laser treatment holds over other procedures is the 694 nm output does not affect normal, healthy skin in or around the treated area.

Medical LaserThe series of medical YAG compositions generate output at discrete wavelengths between 2.1 and 3.0 microns. This spectrum couples well into water and body fluids. By selection among the different compositions in the medical YAG materials series, laser systems can be optimized for soft or hard tissue applications.

For industrial & high power solid state lasers we offer a full range of Nd:YAG laser crystals. Systems designers may select from several levels of dopant concentrations and rod configurations to optimize the performance of each laser system. Our range of dopants extends from 0.3%Nd through 1.4%Nd.

For lower power solid state lasers we have Nd:YVO4 available. This material has been growing in popularity because of its high gain low lasing threshold and high absorption coefficient at pumping wavelengths, resulting from th excellent fit of the neodymium dopant in the crystal lattice. We offer dopant concentrations from 0.1% upwards and a choice of coatings are available. As an alternative, Nd:GdVO4 can be used, the material benefitting from a much higher thermal conductivity and improved improved absorption.

Industrial LaserFor tunable lasers, titanium doped sapphire is an optically pumped, solid state laser material with an indefinitely long stability and useful life. It is the most widely used crystal for wavelength tunable lasers. Ti:sapphire laser crystals combine the robust properties of sapphire with the broadest tunable range of any known laser material. Laser output can be generated over the entire spectrum from 650 to 1100 nm. Frequency doubling the output provides tunability across the blue-green region of the visible spectrum.

For femtosecond and research lasers, titanium doped sapphire is a versatile crystal. Short, femto-second pulses can be produced successfully across the tunable range making Ti:sapphire ideal for ultra-fast spectroscopy. Other uses include nuclear fusion studies, micro-machining and very high speed read/write memory applications.

In addition, Roditi is equipped to provide solutions to Customers' technical and applications problems.  Roditi is also the leading supplier of Sapphire Substrates for opto-electronic applications, including the high-brightness LED market.