Cesium Lithium Borate (CLBO)

Manufactured by Oxide Corporation in Japan, CLBO is an excellent nonlinear optical crystal ideal for UV applications.

It is particularly well suited to the generation of the 4th and 5th harmonics of Nd:YAG laser sources.

  • Superior harmonic generator in the UV region
  • High bulk laser damage threshold (>1.7x higher than fused quartz @ 266nm)
  • Large d coeffiecient: d36 (532nm) = 0.92pm/V
  • Wide transparency range: 180~2750nm

CLBO has a wide phase matching range for both type-1 and type-II SHG and is also an excellent choice for sum frequency mixing applications. In comparison to BBO, CLBO exhibits lower scatter and larger angular and spectral bandwidths, along with a smaller walk-of angle and higher damage threshold.