Beta Barium Borate (BBO)


Beta Barium BorateBBO (Beta Barium Borate, β-BaB2O4) is a nonlinear optical crystal with a combination of unique features, making it an ideal choice for frequency mixing and other nonlinear optical applications. It combines wide transparency and phase matching ranges, a large nonlinear coefficient, high damage threshold and excellent optical homogeneity.

BBO is particularly well suited to frequency conversion of high peak or high average power laser radiation and is a popular choice for use with Nd:YAG lasers along with Ti:Sapphire, copper vapour, argon ion, Ti:Sapphire and dye lasers.

Roditi supplies BBO crystals in a variety of sizes, in both phase matching types. In addition, a range of mounts is available to hold the crystals, helping to prevent damage and ensure easy handling.

BBO grown using the Czochralski technique (CZ-BBO) is also available. This is grown from a stoichiometric melt so there are no flux elements in the material. The result is a high purity material with high optical uniformity, high damage threshold and no scattering centres. Large apertures and long lengths are available.