The Roditi International Corporation Ltd

88 Years - 1935 to 2023

The Roditi International Corporation is the leading distributor in Europe of high quality piezoelectric and optical grade quartz crystals, laser crystals, electro-optic materials, optical components and processing equipment. Expanding into new markets with new products in the forefront of technology has been the cornerstone of Roditi's constant and successful growth.

Incorporated on 29th August 1935, Roditi rapidly developed into a successful trading company, exporting synthetic textiles, Chinese silk fabrics and commissary goods to British embassies and other international organisations throughout the world. Brazil represented a major market, and in 1951 with the freeze of foreign currency payments for “non-essential” luxury goods, Roditi and a major Brazilian importer adapted to changing times and began a highly successful trade, exchanging textiles for natural quartz. In view of the rapidly expanding European demand for its use in communication systems, watches, automotive and consumer electronics, the sale and distribution of natural quartz crystals became a major part of Roditi's business.

Sole Distributor

In 1959 Roditi became sole European distributor for Sawyer USA, the world's leading producer of cultured quartz. Our partnership has continued ever since. With the advent of solid state laser technology, Roditi became a leading distributor of laser crystals in Europe. First for Union Carbide Crystal Products which became Saint-Gobain and finally for Laser Materials Corporation, thus giving the company an entry into the electro-optics industry to which we continue to supply a range of laser crystals to our European customers.

Advanced electronic components, optical and new laser applications continue to increase the demand for sapphire, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate and quartz SAW wafers and a large variety of other crystals, all available from Roditi. The increased demand for sapphire for a variety of applications from LED substrates to optical windows to light covers has resulted in this material advancing to second place in importance for us.

At Roditi we consider customer satisfaction combined with the creation of conditions allowing our business partners to operate profitably, our priority. We are proud of our ability to maintain a climate of cordial relations, cooperation and mutual trust with our customers worldwide and have been doing so successfully for over 80 years.