LYSO – Lutetium Yttrium Orthosilicate

LYSOLYSO material offers a high light output with high density and a fast decay time. Its stability and relative resistance to radiation damage make it useful in applications from nuclear physics and medicine and ray detection requiring better timing resolution.

Ce doped LYSO material has a maximum emission wavelength of 410nm and is used in ray detection, well-logging and energy physics.

Crystal system Monoclinic
Density (g/cm³) 7.15
Hardness (Mho) 5.8
Refractive index 1.82
Light output (Relative to NaI)(%) 65~75
Decay time (ns) ≤47
Peak wavelength (nm) 410
Anti-radiation (rad) 1 × 108
Diameter (mm) φ50~φ80
Length (mm) ≤200