Sapphire Components

Sapphire's range of superior qualities make it ideal for optical and non-optical components.
From the forward-facing optics of imaging systems to the thermal insulators in plasma systems, Sapphire's performance at extreme physical conditions often make it the preferred choice for the following:

  • Lightguides

    Sapphire offers higher working temperatures in applications such as temperature thermometry and IPL systems, with a broad transmission.

  • Lenses

    High optical quality Sapphire is used for lenses in systems that require durability and ruggedness where standard materials suffer from grit, impact and temperature damage. Sapphire lenses also offer high performance in laser devices, offering high thermal conductivity.

    The broad transmission of Sapphire, across visible and NIR spectrums, make it ideal for FLIR imaging systems in hazardous environments, or where the reduced thickness of Sapphire lenses lead to reduced system footprint.

  • Tubes

    Sapphire tubes, made using the Stepanov growth method, replace glass and quartz tubes in high temperature and pressure systems such as plasma applications and insulators.

  • Pins and Rods

    As well as the optical proporties offered by Sapphire rods for fibre optcal and light-guide applications, the physical strength and inert nature of Sapphire make it ideal for engineering and structural uses.

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