W-280A/6SA Oscillator Plating System Upgrade

  • Extends the frequency range of the SC-6SA Plating System1 to 400 MHz
  • Increases frequency accuracy
  • Uses existing filaments and crystal wheels
  • Two Pass plating
  • Over 10 different oscillator parameter measurements
  • Measured parameters checked against user defined QC limits (No ring test required)
  • Supports wheels with different number of positions (e.g. 72 or 144)
  • Upgrade can be configured for a variety of plating system models
1SC-6SA is a trademark of Showa Shinku Corporation, Japan


Frequency Range: 1 MHz to 400 MHz
Plating Performance: ┬▒ 2 ppm* at series, typical
Typical Process Time:
(144 Position Wheel)
10 minutes + pump down time
Oscillator Analyzer: S&A 280A
* Proprietary measurement and calibration algorithms provide correlation to industry standard crystal measurement equipment.


  • S&A 250B/6SA Relay Assembly
  • Windows┬« based System Software
  • Cabling to accommodate existing DUT connections
  • S&A MFC-100
  • Computer Requirement:
    Minimum 500 MHz Pentium III, full PCI slot with +5V & 3.3V power