W-5910 Quartz Crystal Etching System

  • Quartz Crystal SMD devices are adjusted to target frequency by Ion Beam Etching of the electrode material
  • The motional parameters of the crystal remain virtually unchanged
  • Up to sixteen (16) parts are processed simultaneously for high system throughput
  • Small crystal electrodes are as easy to precisely adjust as large electrodes
  • High Drive capability
  • Measured parameters are checked against easy to define Q.C. limits
  • SMD devices are continuously loaded, unloaded and adjusted to frequencywith optional Elevator System
  • Two magazines each hold five transport boats
  • Transport boats carry SMD devices in two S&A pallets
  • Supports 8x10, 6x15 or custom pallets


250B-1 Frequency Range: 15 KHz to 220 MHz
250C Frequency Range: 15 KHz to 500 MHz
Etching Performance: ± 1 ppm typical final frequency


  • S&A 250B-1 or 250C Network Analyzer
  • Direct Drive Roughing Pump
  • Cryo Pump (Diffusion Pump option)
  • S&A Single Channel High Drive (optional)
  • S&A 690 Elevator System (optional)
  • S&A Ion Gun
  • Computer
  • System Software
  • Light Pole



Power: 380V or 208V 3-PHASE, 7 KVA, 50/60 Hz
Inlet Pressures:
    Process Gas:
90 – 100 PSIG
90 – 100 PSIG
70 – 100 PSIG
Dimensions: Standard - W 53" x D 37" x H 88"
With Elevator - W 53" x D 59" x H 88"