W-2500 Capacitor Test System

  • Automated, software driven temperature test system for capacitors and other discrete passive components
  • Typical testing applications are sampling test, final Q.C. test, and new component evaluation
  • Open and short circuit socket calibration, isolated carriers, Kelvin contacts and shielded cables for accurate measurements
  • Test wheels accommodate axial, radial, and chip capacitors and many other special geometry type devices
  • Selectable test parameters with user defined Q.C. limits
  • Exports measurement data in real time to Microsoft Excel for custom data analysis
  • Easy to use Windows 95 Graphical User Interface (GUI) software
  • Fully configurable graphical and tabular printouts
  • Sharing of test results via network


Capacitance Range: 5 pF to 2 F typical*
Temperature Range: -55 C to 150 C
Temperature Stability: +/- 0.1 degree C
* Subject to specification of LCR bridge


  • Capacitance (Cs, Cp)
  • Inductance (Ls, Lp)
  • Series Resistance (Rs)
  • Dissipation Factor (DF)
  • Quality Factor (Q)
  • Conductance (G)
  • Reactance (X)
  • Impedance (Z)
  • Insulation Resistance *(optional)
  • Temperature Coefficients
  • Variation with Temperature
Note: Availability of measurements varies with LCR bridge functions.
* IR maximum range is 10 Tera Ohms at 50 VDC


  • Computer
  • S&A 4220 temperature test chamber (CO2, LN2, or Mechanical Refrigeration)
  • LCR Bridge
  • Power Supply (for IR option)
  • Current Meter (for IR option)
  • System software
  • Printer (optional)