250D 800MHz Network Analyzer

  • High speed computer controlled network analyzer
  • Fully featured graphical software for quartz crystal, ceramic resonator and network analyzer measurements
  • Extensive drive level dependency measurements at 10 ms per point
  • Over 40 different crystal parameter measurements
  • Precision FL measurements
  • Multiple spurious sweeps
  • All data is published in an ODBC compatible data base in real time
  • Custom printouts can be created using Crystal Reports® (optional)
  • Optional OLE interface available for custom C++ and Visual Basic applications


Frequency Range: Port A: 1 MHz to 800 MHz
Port B: 15 KHz to 500 MHz
Frequency Correlation: ± 2 ppm* at series (typical)
Typical Maximum Output Power: 1 MHz to 50 MHz - 18 dbm
50 MHz to 200 MHz - 14.5 dbm
200 MHz to 450 MHz - 5 dbm
451 MHz to 800 MHz - 18 dbm *Port A only
Channels: Two
Computer Requirements: Minimum 500 MHz Pentium III, one full PCI slot with +5V & 3.3V power, Windows 98® or Windows XP®
* Proprietary measurement and calibration algorithms provide correlation to industry standard crystal measurement equipment.