W-2200 Upgrade Kit for Transat TC-100 Temperature Chamber

What does it take to upgrade?

Typical System Upgrade kit consists of:
  • S&A 250B Network Analyzer
  • S&A 2451 Switch Controller
  • S&A PCI TTL I/O Card
  • Minimum 500 MHz Pentium III with:
    • One full PCI slot
    • +3.3V and +5V power
    • Windows 98┬«
  • Printer

Why upgrade?

Measurement speed is about 4 times faster

Extensive graphing, grouping, QC, and printout capabilities

User-friendly Windows® system software

DLD can be measured and graphed as a function of temperature

Crystals in each vertical test wheel column are measured before incrementing the wheel, reducing the number of wheel rotations by 50%

Uses existing crystal test wheels and measurement test head

All data is published in Microsoft Access™ compatible data base in real time

Data can be automatically exported to Microsoft Excel™ for custom data analysis

Continuous software support and development

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