5600 Thin Film Deposition System

  • Low cost, computer controlled deposition system
  • Quartz crystal sensor and substrates rotate on the same spherical radius for accurate thickness deposition control
  • Pneumatic actuated source shutter for precise deposition termination
  • Each substrate holder can be plated to a different thickness in the same deposition cycle
  • Mechanical assemblies shielded from deposition material are easily removed for cleaning
  • Two spring mounted filament holders for extended filament life
  • Low profile bell jar assembly for easy operator access
  • Substrate heater
  • Surface preparation by RF plasma bombardment to promote adhesion to the substrate
  • Fast pump down time for high system throughput


Thickness Uniformity: 2% of total deposition, typical


Showing each mask status and deposition target.


  • Computer
  • Direct Drive Roughing Pump
  • Cryo or Diffusion Pump
  • Light Pole
  • System Software
  • Automatic Mask Flipping Mechanism
  • Printer (optional)
  • Substrate Heater
  • Plasma Cleaning (optional)
  • Two Metal, Multilayer Capability


Power: 380 or 208V 3-PHASE, 7 KVA, 50/60 Hz
Inlet Pressures:

90 -; 100 PSIG
70 -; 100 PSIG
Argon (plasma cleaning): 10 - PSIG
Cryo Pump Water Cooling: 0.5 GPM @ 60°-80° F
Diffusion Pump Water Cooling: 0.25 GPM @ 60°-80° F
Dimensions: W 53 x D 34 x H 67.5 Inches (excluding- Cryo Compressor)