4220 Chamber For Parametric Testing

  • Programmable Keyboard:
    Programmable keyboard allows temperature to be set, stepped (at user-defined increments), slewed (at user-defined rates) and cycled
  • Remote Operation:
    Chambers may be remotely controlled via IEEE bus or RS232C port
  • Flexible Tooling:
    Can be easily customized for testing needs


Stability: ±0.1°C including effects of line voltage, ambient temperature and aging
Uniformity: ±0.2°C component area
Temperature Range: -55°C to +150°C
(+200ºC max. temperature optional)
Rate Change: See figures 1A and 1B
Energy Use: 150 Watts to maintain +150°C
3.5 lbs./hr CO2to maintain -55°C
Voltage: 190 -250 VAC, 50 -60 Hz 4.6 KVA Max. or
95 -125 VAC, 50 -60 Hz 2.3 KVA Max.
Specifications are valid for the chamber equipped with a four inch high cover, a component support wheel and a dual row crystal test wheel installed
Coolant: LN2 or CO2

Chamber cover removed exposing rotatingfixture. Test heads may be fixtured from 2to 48 contacts.

Up to 254 parts may be tested in one chamber (depending upon components tested).